RE-RUN Terms and Conditions

Lidcorp Pty Ltd t/a RE-RUN Consignments ABN. 5035539634

I .RE-RUN sets the prices on all consigned items, by undergoing extensive market research. RE-RUN do not guarantee any prices. Revisions and reductions of the asking price may be made at the stores discretion.

II. When an item is sold, the consigner will receive 50% of the final selling price (ex GST). Payments can only be made to the consigner and NOT third parties without written consent. In the event RE-RUN promotes a STORE WIDE SALE, and your items are not due to be discounted, your payout will not be affected. Payments under $150 can be collected in store. Any payment over the value of $150 will be automatically electronically transferred.

III. Consigner attests to the authenticity of all consigned items and has not knowingly requested the resale of counterfeit goods. Furthermore, consigner attests that they have legal title to and are in legal possession of items that are being consigned. If items need to be authenticated, the cost will be forwarded on to the consigner.

IV. Stock intake is seasonal, therefore it is the consigners responsibility to ensure that items they wish to be consigned adhere to the correct season (summer, transseasonal or winter).

V. Once items have been taken by the RE-RUN TEAM, during the consigners appointment, the item will then undergo a secondary viewing process to ensure that ALL items are suitable for sale.

VI. Consigned items will available for sale at full consigned price for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks they will be reduced up to 50% off for an additional 4 weeks. If items remain unsold at the end of the 12 weeks items will be moved to our backroom for collection or your instruction to donate. If the consigner has a change of mind or requires collections prior to the 12 weeks, 48 hours written notice is required for RE-RUN to collect items.

VII. Once items have been moved to the RE-RUN backroom, RE-RUN will contact (phone, text or email) the consigner at least 3 times to notify that unsold items are ready for collection. If items are not collected within one month of the first contact (phone, text, email), the items will be donated to charity.

VIII. Backroomed items retrieved in the event of a sale, in which case the consigner will be contacted.

IX. RE-RUN does NOT call or email consigners in relation to account status or monies owing. It is the consigner’s responsibility to check account status and monies owing via your personal log in details.

X. At times, theft can occur. RE-RUN will cover any losses due to theft.